Limited Edition, American Made, performance oriented fly rods

Meeko Fly Lab was developed to create performance oriented fly rods with soul for serious anglers looking for a new style of fly rod. 100% american made, our rods are hand rolled and adorned with top shelf components.

Introducing our flagship rod series

Cast of Dreams

9' 3Wt-9Wt

A light weight, quick recovering, deep bending delight.

Quick Recovering Graphite Fly Rods with Deep Flex

The Cast of Dreams High modulus graphite coupled with a refined resin application system and unique taper design result in light weight, quick recovering fly rods with deep flexing action.

Cast of Dreams' quick recovery allow anglers to generate maximum line speed with minimal draw, enabling them to deliver precise casts to targets near and far with little effort. All the while, Meeko fly rods' stiff back bone and deep flexing action allow anglers to control heavy fish with sensational feel.

American Made Components

100% american made components that stand up to repeated wear and tear.

Limited Edition designs

The lab manufactures rods in limited quantities and once a design is sold out its gone for good.

Made in the USA

Meeko Fly Lab has developed strategic partnerships with an all-star team of American manufacturers that are regarded as the masters of their craft to construct fly rods of the highest possible quality. 

Assembled by hand in America, Meeko Fly Rods bring production rods to the market with an unmatched combination of style and quality.