Preparing for Launch

Preparing for Launch

I feel we did a pretty good job at highlighting some of the unique challenges Meeko Fly Lab faces in our previous post. We have a developed a rock solid manufacturing process that enables to create what it is that we want and create it in a viable and sustainable manner. Figuring out a viable manufacturing process is one task, but determining how to successfully launch? Well that's a totally different topic.

We are basically faced with two large obstacles right now. One is cost. I think we've made it pretty clear that these are high quality rods and high quality, American made rods are not cheap to manufacturer. Second is demand. We are offering a rod the likes of which honestly doesn't exist. We don't really know how the industry is going to react.

As a result, we don't really want to spend all of our available capital on designs and weights that there isn't a demand for; because we're making some pretty expensive rods with rather light tippet, and too violent of a hook set could snap us off.

In order to ensure we successfully net this beauty, we have workshopped a few different ideas for a soft launch. The purpose of our soft launch is three fold.

First, it is going to enable us to test customer demand and ensure that we are investing in, and producing, product and designs that you guys actually want.

Second, it allows us to navigate this volatile stage with attention to detail. We can keep a close eye on quality control, we can manage communication with our customers, and we can move forward at a rate that enables us to produce the best possible product we can for our community.

Third, it provides us with a level of financial flexibility that will enable us retie and recast should we hit a snag and have to cut a fly off.

So what is the soft launch going to look like?

That will be its own post.


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