So, What is Meeko Fly Lab?

So, What is Meeko Fly Lab?

If you are reading this you are likely aware that Meeko Fly Lab is a fly rod company; but, we are not like any other rod company you've seen before. Meeko Fly Lab is a fly rod company that creates small batch, performance oriented fly rods with limited edition designs. 

Lets' break that down.

Performance Oriented Fly Rods

When we say we make performance oriented fly rods, what we mean to say is we make fly rods for serious anglers. Anglers that appreciate and expect the action and feel of high quality fly rods. As serious anglers ourselves, when we first started kicking around the idea for Meeko Fly Lab, creating high quality rods was always the number one priority, otherwise we would have no interest in fishing them ourselves. 

In order to achieve the level of quality we required, we aligned ourselves with some of the most trusted and knowledgeable component manufacturers here in the U.S.A. Leaning on their knowledge and expertise, we are able to create some of the highest quality, most unique fly rods on the market.


Small Batches

The term "small batch" gets thrown around a lot these days. When we say small batch we do not mean we can only make a small number of fly rods. What we mean is we are able to manufacturer a specific rod series or design in small batches. This means we don't need to sell 100's or 1000's of one rod model like some other companies for it to make sense for us to develop. So we can get a more technical and experimental with our rods and rod designs and bring them to market quicker.

At the end of the day, we started Meeko Fly Lab to make cool, fresh rods, and our manufacturing process enables us to do that. If we hear about an important cause we want to do something for, we can get a rod resigned and to market in a matter of weeks. If we connect with an artist that wants to collab, we can get that done in weeks. We can drop new rod series with unique actions at any given time. We are not held back by large investments in inventory which allows us to really get creative and consistently develop fresh new products and designs.


Limited Edition Designs

I don't like to say fly fishing culture has changed over the years, but it has definitely grown to be more encompassing than it once was and we don't think the design of fly rods have necessarily grown with it. I mean, I get more jazzed up looking at the designs of fly boxes than I do fly rods, and that just isn't right to me. 

In our opinion (which no one asked for), rod designs tend to be a little cold and repetitive. There just seems to be a disconnect between the personality of fly rods and some of the anglers using them. The fly fishing community is one of the most artistic and passionate communities you can be a part of. We feel it's time for a rod company that mirrors that. Our rod designs are not going to be for everyone, and that's ok. But if your a serious angler looking to add a high quality rod with little bit of artistic flare and individuality to your quiver, our rods are for you.


Tight lines 


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