Introduction to Meeko Fly Lab's "Inside the Lab"

Introduction to Meeko Fly Lab's "Inside the Lab"

This will be the most boring blog we post. I read one time if you are starting a podcast or a blog, don't make the first episode or post a "what to expect" episode. It's too boring. Its difficult to captivate people's attention and when you do you want to show them what your about, not tell them. Honestly, it makes a lot of sense; but, this is my company and I get to do and create what I want so I made a what to expect post. Besides, going against the grain is kind of what we are all about here.

To put it frankly, we created Meeko Fly Lab because it was something that we wanted to exist. American made, performance oriented fly rods featuring high quality components with a design twist that (in our opinion) represents a subset of todays fly fishing culture. Our motivation is genuine, and the products we create are genuine. Keeping with that theme, we want the Meeko Fly Lab brand to be genuine and transparent, so we are creating a blog series giving anglers interested in what we are creating an all access pass to Meeko Fly Lab.

As with just about any brand today, Meeko Fly Lab will rely heavily on digital advertising to let people know that we exist. The problem with digital marketing is it can seem disingenuous at times. Catching peoples' attention in the vast sea of media that is the internet at times requires things like doctored images and technical taglines with words the authors themselves don't even understand (though Meeko Fly Lab is working on an octuple spiral vortex graphite rod featuring catacoustic technology. It's going to blow your freaking mind). 

Online marketing isn't all bad but in order to combat  some of its pitfalls the "Inside the Lab" blog series will serve as a more genuine and straight forward mode of communication with customers and potential customers. We are going to cover topics like why we created Meeko Fly Lab, how are rods are made, what we feel makes us different, what our vision is for the future and whatever else we can share with our audience to make sure you have as clear of an understanding of our company as possible.

We are excited about what we have created and can't wait to share it with you. So if you are interested in what we are putting down, throw us a follow on our social pages, subscribe to our blog and enjoy!





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